3 to 4 pound pork roast


Boil till done, cut into pieces. Place back in hot broth.


2 large cans tomato sauce-the 24 oz cans

1 can water

Salt and garlic salt to taste

Jalapeno peppers to taste

Three or four small cans diced green chilies-or one large 27 ounce can-rinsed with water and add to soup. Simmer slowly for two or three hours. This is all to taste, using your imagination.


Bob makes this a little different as he adds celery, carrots, onions and sometimes potatoes and hominy. Add one large 27 ounce can of diced chilies to the simmering pork or in most cases, we use a chicken. Either way it is delicious!

Sandy made this long time ago when I visited Mom at her home in Fort Collins.