Poet’s Corner: Choices



By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

I’ve been thinking of all the choices I make.

When I’m impatient there are choices I take.

To get up in the morning, or stay in bed,

to live a productive life or be lazy instead.

I try to be healthy as can be,

exercises, being outside, and meals that are good to eat.

These are choices I often don’t take,

I’d feel better if it were the choices I made.

Are my words harsh and without much thought?

If so, then hurt feelings are sure to be wrought.

Warm actions and soft-spoken words go along way

when a person gets hurt.

I try for the most part to be happy not sad.

To see people smile not cry, sure makes me glad.

If people were kind, and not so blind,

the world would be better all around and more love could abound.

It’s all about choices we make in life,

as to how much of our life is strife.