Poet’s Corner: Resentment



By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

Resentment is bitter indignation

at having been treated unfairly.

The only way to be rid of this is by forgiveness,

use compassion and loving kindness and God as the witness.

Whether imagined or justified,

negative or positive, real or not;

it’s all about the mental perception,

but one thing’s for certain, emotions begin to rot.

Resentment, the place where I see myself as a victim.

All the while, hurting my spiritual system,

this is one life symptom.

They cost me too much self-esteem,

but with Gods’ help, we’re an unbeatable team.

God, help release me from this closet.

I’ll use Your love, as the deposit.

Resentments keep me locked,

as a prisoner, only if I allow it.

Please, help me to love myself as much as You do,

especially, with all I’ve been through,

it’s just us two.