Poet’s Corner: Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart

Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart


By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

Wow, what a combination, both can be attained without medication.

Try meditation!

To have a quiet mind, what a blessing this can be.

Meditation can work wonders and set a person free.

The mind is a scary place in which to get lost.

Sometimes the mind isn’t found without a lot of cost.

This is called having a nervous breakdown.

It gives the mind quite a shakedown.

That wonderful peaceful heart,

God will make it so, if we’re smart.

Remember to pray in the morning to start.

Peaceful means, tranquil, calm, as well as, quiet and still;

free of disturbance and non-violent actions.

All this requires strong will and positive transactions.

God’s always by your side, He’s there for the entire ride.

If you’re blessed with a peaceful heart, you can keep it if you do your part.