Alaska Journal of Commerce editorial

What others say: 75 million reasons SB 21 is working

What’s been obvious for several months became official on June 30.

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What others say: The House Majority lost — they just don’t know it yet

Here’s hoping House Speaker Bryce Edgmon hasn’t gotten too attached to his gavel.

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What others say: The right man for Alaska

In a room full of the state’s business leaders dressed in sport coats and summer dresses, the visiting guest of honor looked and sounded as... Read more

What others say: The ‘What, me worry?’ Legislature

By the time House and Senate members return to Juneau after Memorial Day weekend, they will have burned through 14 days of a 30-day special... Read more

What others say: House Resources tells Armstrong thanks for nothing

The first time Bill Armstrong met former Gov. Sean Parnell several years back he pointed at a map of the North Slope and told him... Read more

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