Poet's Corner: To Have War

There is a lingering gunshot
That breaks the stillness,
Spreading ripples of fear
Down the very core of my spine.
The shouts of the living
Mingling with the screams of the dying
Chase away the peace this land
Might otherwise hold for me.
Alas! This is a dreadful time
I will not be ashamed of the sobs
That now rack my body
Due to the shocking visions I have witnessed.
Death surrounds me;
Even now I hear the labored breathing
Of a horse that has been wounded...
This noble steed just took his last breath.
It seems to be a dream...
If I were to close my eyes
The distant chirping of birds
And the water trickling by my side
Could almost remind me of the carefree days,
When I was lazing by the stream behind my house,
My love in my arms.
On further inspection,
I can hear the squeaking of a wheel
Belonging to a ransacked carriage
And the sucking mud that reminds me I am not at home.
I am young
But will never feel young again
Every night hereafter when I close my eyes
I will again witness the events that have transpired this day.
Death, despair, hopelessness, and death;
This is what it is to have war.