When I Look Into Your Eyes

From the first time we met, I have just known in my heart.
That I wanted to hold you, give love a new start.
But the pain from the past left me silent, and afraid.
Not knowing at the time, that you to have been betrayed.
Still I wanted to see you, so each time I’d drive by.
I thought to myself, maybe today I’ll say hi.
Still the fear over came me, so from the distance I’d stare.
Not able to tell you, that already I care.
I was afraid of rejection, and had no self esteem.
That you liked me at all, only seemed like a dream.
But when I thought I lost you, I found the courage to talk.
To ask you the question, if on the beach we could walk.
When you answered yes, my heart smiled within.
A new life has started, with a new hope to begin.
When we shared our birthday out dancing, you kissed this scared boy.
I new that you loved me, as my heart filled with joy.
On the day that we married, we chose to be together in life.
And share a great new beginning, as husband and wife.
All my prayers have been answered, my dreams have come true.
Every days an adventure, each time spent with you.
I will remember that day, warm sun and blue skies.
Because every days a blessing, when I look into your eyes.