Look at me and look at you, oneS of a kind we be-but still two. O If you only knew- the power of a Smile, how it heals the tortured heart hiding in the dark, you would agree and say, “Just Smile,” and see how it brings joy in the oldest Child, trading youth for misery — is Life really a mystery? I wasted 7 years of mine but learned to capture that youth lost at a cost, learning to Smile, When I was wallowing in my own misery as mud, it was a Smile born of Love — that had cleansed me like a rushing flood. When I crawled inch by inch in the mire of my pain, it was Love’s Smile that gave me a new life and name, now I control my destiny, look at those next to me, they, too, were once filled with pain, though now they smile and witness my name ... June brings the sunshine, wiping away the tears of rain. Look at my smile and tell me June doesn’t out-reign the rain. Give me your pain, I will bear your burden free, hold my hand and walk the path with me, I’ll teach you to smile so come fly and see. Come with me, and just smile for me.