The armor of feathers glistens brightly as his stature defines itself with strength and courage. He passes much confidence as he prepares to soar the endless beauty of her horizon.

Perched at attention staring directly ahead, he lowers his crown to descend unto her. He majestically unfolds his wings for flight.

Blinded by her beauty, he gently falls into the serenity of her love, as he catches the wind beneath his wings he entrusts the loyalty of companionship.

He heart warms him deeply penetrating his soul as he ascends dignified in his purities. With her soft whispers elegantly caressing his wings he circles intimately in her essence.

The power of love is destined, hailed with thunder and lightning cleansed with rain of happiness and rejoiced in song of praise.


Fri, 03/16/2018 - 13:20

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