September Dreaming

If I had my druthers
all men would be brothers,
closer than peas in a pod.
Then kindness would be
like a jerk of the knee
everywhere home and abroad.


If I had my wishes
no dog would be vicious
and none would ever be tied.
They’d have freedom to roam
but they’d always stay home
where masters are bound to abide.

There’d be no religion
not even a smidgen
that had a violent leaning.
All Jihad would vanish
while airports would manage
without that miserable screening.

There would never be riots
nor militant pilots,
twin towers would stand high for peace.
Little Hatfields and McCoys
would play like other boys
and join for holiday feasts.

Smart doctors and lawyers
would line up in foyers
for schooling and starting anew.
I’d have folks eschewing
sickness and suing
and pharmaceuticals too.

There would be busy markets
and family-size rockets
to colonize homes far away.
Sprawling green forests
with trees in glad chorus
would be close at hand every day.

If I had my druthers
there’d be happy mothers
ahead of bright toddlers in tow.
The neighbors in shirtsleeves
they’d meet with sweet curtsies
and that is the way it would go.