Ten Years After Nine-Eleven

Ten years after; where, or which way have we gone?
Have we really advanced or are we more withdrawn?
Have we, as a united nation, improved or fallen short?
Do we lift up our country; do we give our full support?

When the crisis hit, we were weakened but stood tall.
Have we softened ten years after our lives took a fall?
On that tragic day, with pride, our flags they all flew;
ten years after few mention the red, white and blue.
The Star spangled Banner will always touch my heart.
Tears will swell within these eyes from its initial start.
Do we still pledge unconditional allegiance to the USA?
Ten years after, is your dedication loyal or did it sway?

There are some who’d say they’re for individual right
but they’re more apt to switch off our freedom’s light.
I hope we’re awake; I hope it’s not a thing of the past.
Ten years after, our integrity needs to shine steadfast.

America is still the Beautiful and the Land of the Free;
from sea to shining sea, she’ll be the only land for me.
But ten years after, I wish I could turn the clocks back,
before that terrible day our shores were under attack.

God Bless America.