Poem: Judgement



By Misty Mosquito

Everywhere I look, it’s all I see

Even those who are closest to me

They sit up on their high horse and look down

and wear that ever-judging frown.

When it just has the polar effect

Because you didn’t factor in my intellect

I know why and how you can shame me

If you had a clue, you wouldn’t blame me

But your ignorance is your true bliss

And I’m smart enough to see this

I’m not mad or hurt that you do this

if it keeps you comfortably oblivious.

I wouldn’t wish suffering upon anyone

or to have to do the things I’ve done

My life you just can’t understand

which is why you’d never lend a hand

but only kick me when I’m down

and give that scornful judgement frown

But I’m proud of even my mistakes

I know what real integrity takes

Sadly, it is you who does not

For your judgement says a lot

about your own character and conceit

Subduing the weak? Your leadership is deceit

I will gladly suffer the affliction of your label

My only concern is putting food on my table.

So sling you mud as I walk tall,

Because judgement day comes for all.