Poem: My Birthday Wish

My Birthday Wish


By Bunny Chong,

Soldotna, Hawaii Girl now Alaskan

This year my birthday will be a glorious milestone for me

Because I get to celebrate reaching the grand age of seventy

It’s not a milestone because I have lived these many years,

It’s because I’m blessed with enjoying a life full of cheers

But I have loved ones who encounter challenges sent their way

They face those trials with faith in God thru each difficult day

I know that my journey would have been different without Him

They also believe God has a plan for them and trust it isn’t dim

So my 70TH birthday wish will become my new prayer “creed”

Dear God please BLESS my loved ones with ALL that they need

And Lord God do show me how I can help them in their fight

Their battles aren’t what I had to face so I want to do it right

Again, I thank You Lord, for your gift that opened the door

To let me be a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and more

Thanks for the family that surrounds me, for friends who care

I know that YOU sent them otherwise none would be there

I love YOU and Honor YOU and praise YOU with all my heart

And I THANK YOU, Lord, for being with me right from the start

You have brought me this far with Your love and protection

May Your blessings for my family move in the same direction!