Poem: Alaskan Daybreak

Alaskan Daybreak


By Rebecca A. Hubler, Kenai

The glow of the early morning moon,

Hung above the ridge,

And out across the trees.

It was glistening brightly,

With just a smidge,

And out across the sea.

Eagles gliding,

Clouds colliding,

Morning fully springs.

The sun comes up,


Effervescently pink.

Yellow beams illuminate from within the trees.

Blue skies rise from within the morning breeze.

Crisp morning air,

Now golden and bright,

Sparkles are dancing in the air and the light.

Clouds of snow dust are prancing around.

And footprints of a hare are laid on the ground.

The trees stand tall.

And the leaves are all bare.

Moose are now wandering everywhere.

I see a small ermine running about.

And a small fox standing rigid and stout.

The hawks are circling above their prey.

And it is a beautiful start to a cold Alaskan day.


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