Poems: "Kids," "It's Your Choice"



By Mary H. Hulse (mouse), Anchor Point

Kids are funny little things, Spreading

mud and cookies in the clay.

Sour as pickles, Sweet as candy, Nothing

sounds better than “Will you play with me”?

At the end of the day all tired and calm,

Is the most precious time of all.

When I say I love you, this I recall.

They were the best things after all.

It’s Your Choice

By Mary H. Hulse (mouse), Anchor Point

To make a decision in you life may and

usually does change your life.

It is a very unsettling decision that we

have to make daily to get through the lives we

were directed to live.

May we all be blessed with the wisdom

and the luck to become what we set out to


Always weigh the odds of deception

and make the right choice to succeed.

“It’s your choice”.