Poem: What if Water Was Invisible?

What If Water Was Invisible?


By Art Sponsel, Sterling

Would I blunder into the Moose River

Then start to shiver?

Without a sign of wet on my pants

A relief, certainly, we all grant

What about the Kenai, mighty sockeye

Heading east, seeming so high

A fly though in front and beyond

Will surely snag astound

Catch them right in the lip

Never a trooper then be around

Now look at Cook Inlet

Barges, drill rigs, fishing? You bet

All looking down at whales and sharks and seals, especially halibut

Drop your anchor, bait your hook

Flatfish is almost yours to cook

When comes down the snow

How would we know?

Stuck on the road today?

Tell the tow truck OK

Could we plow the stuff?

Give up, it’s just too rough

Off to Hawaii we go

There, snow is no, no

And if pretty lady swims at beach

Oh, what a peach

Invisible water, please, we beseech

After all, bikini or T-shirt is better

When wetter

As for me, trying not to be a cheater

Please forgive this insouciant elegiac pentameter


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