Poem: Forever Blessed

Forever Blessed


By Bill Lowe, Sterling

Some days I’d like to turn my clock to back before

and visit my past, some history, I love and adore.

I’d do things which back then, were a true delight.

and once again with these times, I’d then reunite.

Times of peaceful easy feelings, few worries at all;

just being American made you stand proud ‘n tall.

Each day was lived a day at a time, a relaxing pace,

not like today, a troublesome, high-speed rat race.

Every morning in school, not one day would go by,

that we did not honor our flag, as it was rose high.

In God we trust were not just words but a thought.

they were what we believed, how we were taught.

I strongly related to them back then; still do today,

but some agency wants to take those words away.

Have good times died, gone by or come to an end?

Or is it a trend without sense I don’t comprehend?

In those good times, we had our High School Hop;

we had Saturday afternoon at the local malt shop.

We drove cool cars, we played Rock ‘n Roll songs,

we had American Bandstand and yes, sing-alongs.

If I had only one wish, I’d ask this time still prevail.

Well, also poodle skirts and girls in a long pony tail.

Though an impossible dream, it’s now off my chest

and past memories allow me to be forever blessed.


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