Poem: Needs



By Bill Lowe, Sterling


Respect the elderly while you are still young;

watch each word before it leaves your tongue,

and sing out loud songs that need to be sung.


Rejoice with people who try to do their best;

give a friendly boost, help encourage the rest.

Stand up for needs that need to be addressed.


As you journey through life, plant good seeds;

extend your helping hand by doing kind deeds.

You’ll be blessed filling another man’s needs.


The gift God has given you be willing to share,

be alert, kind, courteous, and be ever aware;

some need only a little, some need extra care.


Many a need is not spoken, they’re left unsaid,

so listen with your heart as well as your head,

and be open to needs at home or widespread.


Yes, we all have needs and I’m hopeful indeed

we may each help a friend or stranger succeed

and be assistance to them with a current need.