Poem: red letters

red letters


By Celia Helen Cash, Kenai

writing in red, writing in red

my words are dripping

from the tip of my weapon.

tired of being, tired of seeing

alone and misunderstood.

people turned their backs

and looked the other way.

they say words are mighty

but won’t let me have my say!

loosing your cool with fists

and angry rants doesn’t bring peace.

it’s not in being alone

that i feel lost and lonely

but in the world full of faces.

i’ve been exiled from my homeland

and my roots are calling me

to go see my daughter and brother

since they cannot get here easily.

words in red circle my head

knowing what i know...

i must continue to spread

my story of how i lost my mom.

in hopes that someday tears

of sadness and remorse will be shed.


Thu, 02/15/2018 - 09:47

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