Poem: Sisters



By Terra O Neill, Kenai

This is to all the women who help those of domestic violence.

In a town of peace and quiet

there’s some women that I know,

They help the battered and the beaten,

who have had no place to go.

They bring them hope and bring them

laughter and show them a better way.

They give them love and show them kindness,

and show them tomorrows a better day.

They bring life to Women who have

been beaten up and bruised,

Women who have been trampled on,

thrown away and used.

They are our Sisters, these

Women, they are here to make us strong,

They teach us to stand together and

for all to get along.

God bless you all for being

there for us, God sent you from above,

And from our hearts we’d like to

Tell you that We give you all our love.