Poem: Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions


By Bill Lowe, Sterling

At Easter time, there’re many points of view;

some are age-old, some, I’m sure, quite new;

some, they’ll take us visiting to a place or two,

some bring yearly traditions we choose to do.


There’s the Easter bunny and her eggs to hide;

some are filled with chocolate , some are dyed;

some hidden in the house, others are outside;

boys ‘n girls find them, swelling up with pride.


And in a garden, the spring flowers are array;

there’s an assortment for a beautiful bouquet,

with sweet fragrance making a lovely display;

an impressive presentation for this Easter day.


I love the Victorian cards, that were once sent,

and their beauty and verses, what each meant,

and an Easter parade, such a spectacular event;

the stunning daffodil floats are so magnificent.


But what Easter really is and it shall always be,

God’s gift to the world, to each one personally.

His Son was beat, scorned, crucified at Calvary,

resurrected in three days to set the guilty free.


There is no one else, who’d give up everything,

through a painful death and it’s agonizing sting

so we’d gain eternal life and the joy it will bring,

and live forevermore with Jesus, Lord & King.


Lord, Your life for us You sacrificed in trade,

when in a tomb for all You were unjustly laid.

From heaven to earth true love was displayed;

the cross to the grave our debt completely paid.


May the Joy of Easter completely impact you!


Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:11

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Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:11

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