Poem: Congruent Confluence

Congruent Confluence

By Nancy Whiting, Kenai

Where land and sea and sky are congruent,

The hand of God is seen all through it.

A place of awesome beauty and strength

Is Cook Inlet along all its length.

The Swanson River and Inlet confluent,

Where salmon swim to breed pursuant,

And tidal ebb and flow show clearly,

Pulses with life held so dearly.

When tide be high is the river affluent

And from the bridge cast the fishers truant.

The moose will browse and the bear will wander.

Time spent fishing is no squander.

Cook Inlet tides and time pass fluent.

Had I not been I’d live to rue it.

To pass the time from dawn to dark,

What better place than Cook Inlet State Park?


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