Poem: A Quilted Landscape

A Quilted Landscape


By Nancy Whiting, Kenai

Through the intermittent clouds

The rays of light come through,

Spreading the landscape below

With quilt of shadow and sun’s glow

The colors of summer dance

With the ever-changing light

As I peer as if in trance

To what I’ve seen only by chance.

The travel-weary soul’s refreshed

By beauty unexpected.

That scene, that vista, why must it end?

But Fairbanks is around the bend.

I’ve never seen what can compare

To that which draws my heart;

The majestic silence of dale and hill

In Alaska’s wild where all seems still.

Could I share that picture in my eye

I would show the world the sight

Of a sun-draped landscape view,

Ever the same yet always new.

Therein lies the beauty true,

Of this perfect gift from God;

The setting is the same and yet

One never knows what to expect.