Poem: For me and you is love

For me and you is love


By Patrick Sterling, Kenai

My heart is set to one thing

That’s you

I can’t explain what I feel

Love is a understatement

It’s more like a fairy tale

That we started together

And we end it together

With a very happy ever after

For me and you is love

That’s a laugh

Love is more like explosion of

Love, peace, happiness and joy

No one would ever take your place

My love for you is so enormous

It’s hard to tell you

It’s like setting off every bomb in the

Universes, even the other force

For me and you is love

That love is what makes

Me want to stay

It powers me everyday

And gives me hope I might see you

Finishes my day

I’m the happiest I have ever been

You are my one and only

The true love that came upon me