By Melinda Anderson, Kasilof


The soft weeping of a young girl,

she wonders where they are, or even if they are on the way in the car.

    But then reality hits, and she wipes her eyes.

her face is flushed and her head is throbbing,

But then a though drifts through her mind, “Why cry?”

She walks through the crowds of people, and stands on the podium, tall and proud.

her words ring through the people, stopping them in her tracks,

her speech speaks for her class.

They chase away all of her sadness, and melancholy,  filling her with the strength and joy of being a leader.

 She sees her mate, standing at the door, he smiles softly at her, encouraging her more. 

Her eyes barely wonder to see where they are, because she knows, they aren’t even on they’re way into the car.

As she thanks the people from far and wide, receiving her diploma, 

the young girl walks off the stage and heads outside.

Only there, does she allow herself to cry.

In the shadows, her tears run down her cheeks, and land on her knees.

There is no sounds, but her tears say it all, 

he finds her there, curled in a ball.

And suddenly he understands it all.

She weeps for the times that they’ve missed.

And she weeps silently to never let anyone see,

He holds her tight and whispers in her ear,

“You don’t need to cry, because I’ll always be here.”


Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:11

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Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:11

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