Poem: Bullying

By Melinda Anderson, Kasilof


Bullying has become part of this generation,

from the clothes you wear,

the color of your hair,

if a girl’s thighs touch,

or even if you decide to skip lunch.

The way you walk, the way you talk. It determines who you are.

No one cares anymore for “what’s on the inside” 

it matters what you put on your face.

How much money you have, determines how cool you are to the human race.

But back in the day it was how good you were in school. The amount of drive kids have now is disgracing. Where the only challenges they have are the next thing to do in Skyrim or Mindcraft. 

How often do  you see anyone smile? sincerely?

 Not because they are laughing at someone’s misery or pain but because they are doing well or received a compliment?

So what determines the cool?

Bullying, lying, doing bad in school?

those are the exact things ... 

That determine the cool.