Poem: God Loves Alaska

God Loves Alaska


By Richard “Dick” Baldwin
(July 26, 1930 - May 20, 2009)

God loves those deep still valleys

Where glacier waters flow

Over rocks and rills around the hills

Down to the sea to go

God loves the broad cold tundra

Home of caribou, fox and hare

That’s why He took the trouble

To plant wildflowers there

God loves the Arctic Ocean

With its cap of cold white ice

When at first it was quite empty

He made it teem with life

God loves those fine strong people

Who live on His arctic shore

When the first loved it as He loved it

He brought along some more

God loves the wild creatures

The moose and gray wolf bold

The grizzly bear and mountain sheep

That share His northland cold

God loves the varied seasons

The winter’s icy chill

The fruitfulness of summer

And the springtime life-force thrill

God loves Alaska

With her mountains tall and fair

I know that this is true because

I found Him living there