Poem: The Hunter Returns

The Hunter Returns


By Carl C. Kincaid

The hunter has returned

If anyone was concerned

His Arctic Odyssey has ended

The time off work was splendid

A life lesson learned on the trip’s review

An important warning he’ll pass on to you

I’m sure he would ­— to do it again

Read the instructions from beginning to end

Answering nature’s call at night

He recommends using artificial light

The cold, chilly air makes one hurry

The sleep-filled eyes kinda blurry

The dark of the night, the errant aim

All had a share in the blame

The electrical arc that fizzled so bright

Certainly wasn’t the northern lights

As he lay on the ground

His thoughts not very profound

He skipped the caution in small letters

(larger ones would have been better)

It makes one shudder and wince

To think he peed on the electric bear fence


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