Poem: The Smile in Your Eyes

The Smile in Your Eyes


By Brett Van Sickle, Kenai

As Sunday arrives, the week hits half way.

I start counting down, until finally the day.

My heart beating faster, I fly through the air.

Not too much longer, I will soon be there.

Still time takes forever, as home ward I’m bound.

I just listen to the music, not to hear another sound.

Then I turn that fist corner, with a smile in my heart.

Soon we will be together, no longer apart.

Just a few more houses, until I pull in the drive.

Just wanting to see you, I again feel alive.

My heart filled with sunshine, I see only blue skies.

Then finally I see you, and the smile in your eyes.


Fri, 11/10/2017 - 12:05

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