Drawn from nature

Waterline exhibit at KPC

With inviting color, texture and shine, the Waterline exhibit is on display at the G.L Freeburg Gallery at Kenai Peninsula College through Nov. 18.


Sixteen pieces of Wendy Croskrey’s art line the walls of the gallery. Many of the pieces are solely made of colored resin, while others incorporate steel, bronze or aluminum in the design.

Croskrey is a University of Alaska Fairbanks associate professor.

According to the artist statement, the work for the show is drawn from nature including observations of water reflections and surface texture.

“The seductive exterior surfaces are meant to attract the viewer,” Croskrey said in the statement. “The artwork are metaphors for the things we are attracted to and in some situations, they are tied to impossibility.”

With abstract shapes, as with “Vessel” made from thermal Formed plastic encased in plated copper or with “Spoon” constructed from resin, cast aluminum and steel, the works inspire wonder and thought.

“Walking to the water’s edge and exploring our significant impact we leave on nature is represented in the work through physical mark making and surface treatment. A rough surface is expressive; a grinder mark replaces the stroke of a brush and shown in concert with the onerous layers of resin. Texture is the pallet that I utilize; is investigated in the work visually through industrial materials that chemically alter the façade along with physical mark making,” she wrote.

KPC Art professor, Cam Choy, said the works in the show are strong and colorful. He said the potential of a workshop, inspired by the exhibit, may be a possibility in the near future.

“They are really stunning visuals,” Choy said.

Works like “Divide” made from Steel and thermal formed plastic with colors of the sea, and “Portals” made of thermal formed plastic framed in steel, take on the circular shape of water droplets, easily found in among the flora and fauna of nature.

While many of Croskrey’s works are multicolored and smooth in texture, her three works; “Concentric Ring,” “Concentric Ring 2,” both made from ceramic and aluminum, and “Double Fist” made of cast aluminum, all have a rougher feel, with a cool metallic touch.

The gallery is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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