Poem: Travel Outside

Travel Outside


By Marilyn E. Wheeless

Did I remember every little thing?

I don’t know — it’s really hard to go.

Travel always sounds so much better

When its several months away.

But here it is ... suddenly today.

Notes for housesitter, packed my pills

Clothes for sun or rain the weather says.

Shoes, camera, phone, chargers and gadgets,

Instructions for the dogs, already tired to the bone,

I almost wish I could simply cancel and stay home.

But once I’m at the airport or on the road

I will get excited again about the plans I made,

The people I will see, the airport observations,

The sights and sounds of somewhere far away,

To reconnect with loved ones on my holiday.

And then the best, the sight below the plane,

Steep mountains, snowy caps, peeking through the clouds …

Alaska, I am back … where my roots are planted deep,

Tonight in my own bed I will sleep, and dreams will seep

with happy memories of travel I can keep.