Thanksgiving Is Every Day


By Bunny Chong, A Child of God

On the 4th Thursday each November we observe Thanksgiving

And I bow my head to THANK THE LORD because I’m still living

But I decided in 2002 to use that day as MY beginning of each year

Because I landed in Alaska and know God helped bring me here

So my journey started on November 2 as I left my dear Hawaii nei

When we arrived in Anchorage, a 7.5 earthquake added to our day

Then November 25 marked my 60th birthday in Soldotna

And Thanksgiving on November 28 awakened in me — a new mantra

I realized that EVERY day I awake is a day God gives to me

And I honor HIS love as He grows in me ... all the good HE can see

For all the gifts He gives me, he knows I will ALWAYS be grateful

So every day starting on Thanksgiving Day, I promise to be faithful

Inspired by HIS gifts that I’m still living, healthy and moving

Enjoying happy times and even meeting challenges that’s confusing

On Thanksgiving Day I thank God for the value he showered down

And every day thereafter, my prayer is His Thanksgiving crown

The Lord may not be finished with the journey he has planned

But with Al by my side, together we will stand!

Veterans Day

By Sam Reeves

Gather round Laddies and have one on me

Now damned if I’ll do this alone

We’ll drink to the boys we served with back then

To the soldiers who didn’t come home

On this day we honor our Veterans

Retire worn flags and that’s nice

This day’s not for those who have gathered here now

But for those who have paid the full price

So lift high your glass Mate and we’ll have a toast

To Soldiers who’ve since left the field

We’ve no need to name them for we knew them well

And in life there are few things as real

As comrades and fellows we Brothers in arms

Who faced death – no we ran to meet it

Then later the few left who gathered again

Bloodied but no not defeated

We couldn’t mourn then because there was no time

So we said that it just don’t mean nothing

But no man among us looking back now

Can say that he didn’t lose something

So lift high your glass now and we’ll have one more

And none will dare notice your tears

And if you cry loudly or can’t cry at all

Remember them they’re why we’re here

No we’ll not boast loudly of what we destroyed

Of their Warriors who died at our hand

But we’ll not be silenced and not be ashamed

Of taking the fight to their land

Some had to be drafted while some volunteered

It matters not one from the other

Forged in the fires that most never know

Our Warriors a true band of Brothers


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