Poet's Corner: Christmas

Bethlehem Ode


By Deborah F. Sounart, Kenai

From long and dusty donkey ride

To lowly manger does babe lie,

O little King —

Angels will sing

The Prince of Peace with us abides.

Not to palace nor castle strong

Not to riches did he belong,

A simple man —

Who worked his hands

A plan of grace His royal song.

Tribe of Judah not e’er the least

E’en tho you birthed his lordship meek,

Oh, such Good News!

With thus He woos —

to His eterna banquet feast.

The Story of My Christmas Tree

By Norm Olson, Nikiski

I wanted this Christmas to be special

Since Jesus had made me whole.

So why not tell others, I thought to myself

How He saved my sin-blackened soul?

But what in the trappings of this festive day

Could I use to help others see?

I pondered the question till the thought finally came;

Why not the Christmas tree?

Well, I searched high and low for just the right tree

To stand this year in my home,

But not in the forest where most of them grew;

The one I looked for must grow alone.

I found such a tree; It was unlovely and plain,

With branches all twisted and knurled.

It was bent, bruised, and weathered, yet it would explain

Why Christ came into this world.

For Christ came not for the righteous and just

But for lonely lost sinners like me.

And he searched high and low for the unlovely ones,

As I had for that old Christmas tree.

Then I adorned it with gold, with silver, and lights

Till its ugliness finally was hid.

Till it stood there arrayed in a beautiful robe

Testifying of what Jesus did.

For Christ took the sinful, the wretched, the blind,

The lonely, the downcast, the lost,

And said “Come unto me for a robe of pure white

Is yours and offered without cost.”

For He paid the price on Calvary’s hill!

He declared that his plan was done!

He now offers pardon and cleansing to all

Who by simple faith will come.

Yes, that worthless old tree I brought in this year

Is a witness of God’s grace so free.

So my friends, if you’re fearful, or lonely, lost,

Hear the story of my Christmas tree.

Christmas Delight

By Bill Lowe, Sterling


It’s a welcomed invite,

seeing the front yard draped in fresh snow.

With stars sparkling bright,

each flake seems to twinkle and glow.

A blanket of pleasure, a Christmas delight;

‘tis a childlike desire to never outgrow.

It’s a cold winter sight,

the blessings of an Aurora Borealis show.

Each dancing Northern Light

is welcomed like kisses beneath mistletoe.

Too brilliant to measure, a Christmas delight;

‘tis like a painting by Vincent van Gogh.


‘twas a shining starlight

high above Bethlehem, years ago;

on that glorious Holy Night

lay little baby Jesus in a manger below.

A heavenly treasure, a Christmas delight;

‘tis a gift of Love only God could bestow.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

with Christmas Delight.

The Presence of Christmas

By Dave Thompson, Kenai

Giving to others just what they might need.

Forgiving our brethren for unanswered deed.

Caring and sharing, the joy of it all

The presence of Christmas, our promising call.

Ribbons, boxes, wrappers, and bow

Contain not the gracious gift that we know

For Testaments told of a coming new King

God’s perfect Son, so the angels did sing.

That night, so holy, in Bethlehem lay

Lord Jesus, just born, asleep on the hay.

While stars overhead cast beacons of light

To herald the King, what a glorious sight.

Like no other child, his wisdom and thought

From whence came the Gospel, God’s word that he taught

He gathered, he prayed for, he healed, and he fed

His fellowman by the ways that he led.

From then till now, God’s word has been clear

He gave us his son, to guide us through fear.

Though his years were short, etched in granite His call.

To forgive us our sins and give us life’s all.

‘Twas his life of giving for us to believe

In his gift of eternal life we’ll receive

Our escape from bondage and death were we snatched

By His perfect gift with no strings attached.

So Jesus, Lord Jesus our peace and our joy

You granted each day of our lives to employ.

Our hope and our faith by your name do we call

For the presence of Christmas you gave to us all.

Christmas in Retirement

By Gaye LaRane, Kenai

Small ceramic Christmas tree

with lighted glass ornaments.

Latch-hook rug of church steeples

with Bethlehem Star shining above.

Hand crafted projects from loved ones

displayed on walls and shelves.

Colorful cards received over decades

wishing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Memories and photos of loved ones

trimming trees, making gifts and baking cookies.

Christmas now allows more freedom

to appreciate the simple truths.

Christmas in Retirement is a thankful spirit

with more joy, more peace and love.

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