Poem: As the Sun Sets Every Night

As the Sun Sets Every Night


By Brett Van Sickle, Kenai

It’s the time we spend together, from the break of morning’s light.

We are all ways finding laughter, never far from each other’s sight.

We talk about our week apart, and thing we want to do.

Huddled around our little stove, I spend my time with you.

Some days we might find boredom, and want to get away.

Still staying close together, we run to town and play.

In heated competition, we laugh we smile and grin.

We brighten up the darkest room, especially when we win.

As long as I can be next to you, I always will have fun.

This love we share will always be, weather rain or snow or sun.

Soon the day’s half over, the warmth of homes in sight.

This is the way I want to spend my time, as the sun sets every night.