Poem: The Unbreakable Thing

The Unbreakable Thing


By Byron Nalos, Nikiski

I have found it after crummy swing shifts

in the cities and in the country, often

in Januarys after the Christmas lights,

there it is soaking wet in rainstorms, in snowstorms,

I have found it in long monotonous factory lines,

I have found it leaving town into Northern darknesses,

there it is in loneliness, in displacement,

close your eyes and it is there blazing

like auroras,

I have found it in songs

played over driving home, played over

I have found a harmony and shouted along,

I have found it angry and there it is

when I pumped my fist!

Even after the death of my son,

there it was, the unbreakable thing —

I have found it in loneliness less verbose

what great men have written about,

what the rich scrounge for,

what the strong fight for and do not have,

it is just too simple, there it is

eating crow-

there it is in weakness blazing,

I have found it atop lonely places,

there it is after crummy swing shifts,

in displacement, there it is in the windy darkness

walking home in crummy snowstorms, there

in my little

fumbling voice rejoicing,

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord!