Poem: I'm So Blessed

I’m So Blessed


By Bill Lowe, Sterling

I’m blessed I can remember my name;

forgetting others’, is kind of a shame,

but that makes for an everyday treat;

old friends become new ones to meet.,

I’m blessed I can still operate my car,

but why’s a short trip seem awful far?

And why are others in such a big hurry

when the road ahead’s unsafely blurry?

I’m blessed with hair which still grows,

but mostly in my ears and outa’ my nose.

A while back, it began leaving my head,

and showing up in these places instead.

I’m blessed my wrinkles do not all sag;

but maybe right now’s too soon to brag.

It’s time for my second afternoon nap,

to relax a painful and crippled kneecap.

I’m blessed I only moan bending down,

well, maybe a little getting up ‘n around.

My joint aches are now a familiar thing,

and both ears have this deafening ring.

I’m blessed old-age isn’t a huge concern,

and most items missing will later return.

Oops, I seem to have lost a hearing aid;

for my loose dentures, I’d offer a trade.

I’m so blessed; yes my troubles are few;

I’m neither too old, nor starting all new.

Life’s been good, I’m fortunate indeed;

God supplied everything I seem to need.


Fri, 09/22/2017 - 09:40

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