Poet's corner: Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the Memories


Bill Lowe, Sterling


I’m happy for my childhood days,

and the lessons my parents taught.

“Pursue moral and ethical pathways;

Don’t follow those which are not.”


Their words were quite profound:

“Play fair; give life all you’ve got;

do your best the first time ‘round;

don’t expect to see a second shot.”


“Don’t live behind an artificial smile,

pretending you’ll never get caught;

a fabricated, make-believe lifestyle,

only makes you feel more distraught.”


“Forget about self-centered dreams,

that give others neglected thought;

don’t attempt self-righteous schemes

leaving your stomach tied in a knot.”


I so value their respectable training;

life’s early lessons I’ve never forgot.

They’re principals I’m still retaining,

and memories of an occasional swat.