Poem: Fire Fly

Fire Fly


By Dave Thompson, Kenai

You’re just what’s been buggin me

Twinkling through the starlit trees

In heat of night bout mid June

Under the amber crescent moon

I’ve waited through the coldest season

Your glowing presence is my reason

To share this night of summer’s glory

Flashing out your lifelong story

You began an egg then grew full term

To become a nocturnal glowing worm

Then as if some magic thing

An instant more you took to wing

A young boy’s game beneath the stars

To put you all in mason jars

Ever brighter, watch it glow

This flashing luminescent show

To waste the night inside alone

I’d miss your presence unbeknown

Dawn is what you seem to fear

Your lighthouse soon to disappear

Games are games, they all must end

But only once the rules I’ll bend

So off with lid for you my friend

With solemn regret and rejoicing shrug

Good night to you oh lightning bug!