Poem: "If only"

“If only ...’’


By Tom Abrosimova

If I could write what’s really important

The whole world would change.

If only the love was important

As it is right away.

If I would have a billion dollars

I’ll give it to somebody else.

If yesterday were troubles

Then today I would’ve solved them.

If the world wouldn’t end

Perfect one shall never be.

And if it wasn’t always for me

It will be for everybody.

If my friends wouldn’t exist

I would not exist with them.

If I were a president

The Earth wouldn’t be a “Monster Attack.’’

If today was my last day

I would enjoy it right away.

But if tomorrow I woke up

It would be the edge of glory.

If I could start all over again

I’d probably go back.

If I had the hope of a world

It would be a better place.