Poem: I'm Just a Man

I’m Just a Man (Dedicated to my Sparrow)


By Daniel H. Kartchner

Often men are clueless and you’d seldom disagree,

Men seldom understand women right, from when they were probably three.

However you want to call it, absent minded or just plain dumb,

Men have upset their queens, asking questions when they should’ve run.

Bearing this in mind, it should help, to direct a better path ,

Understanding a better way, one doesn’t need science nor math.

Loving, listening and kindness, are the ways to redemption for man,

Understanding is a feeling; not necessarily spoken, but better if you can...

I’ve always wanted to help you, when you were sick and down,

When I don’t know what to do, to ease a troubled frown.

But knowing that I’m willing, should help to ease the pain,

That seems to come from this life, from time to time and again.

Subliminal thought would be a blessing, I wouldn’t have to guess,

How nice it would be, from time to time, to know you’d like a rest…

You should know your work for the family, doesn’t ever go unseen,

And although you get uptight sometimes, you’re never, ever mean.

There are times, when I’m sure you wish, your mind could just be read,

When others would do the washing; hungry mouths already fed.

When messes didn’t happen, when naps could last for hours,

When sickness lived somewhere else, and you could take 60 minute showers.

When money was plentiful, because employment was steady and good,

When everybody kicked in and helped, just as often as they should.

These things I know, although oft times, my actions don’t speak, “I can,”

And do better, to understand you, even though, I’m just a man.


Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:11

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