Poet’s Corner: Serenity is Gone

Serenity Is Gone


By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

Going to a meeting on a July Friday night,

both of us happy, not a care in sight.

My husband on his Fat Boy Harley,

me following, circumstances making me tardy.

In Kenai, where it happened, spirits were dampened.

Serenity is gone.

Red salmon season in Alaska, drivers not watching or paying heed

put accidents up for the asking.

I pulled over for an ambulance,

praying, oh God keep that person safe.

The cops directed traffic,

because an SUV hit a Fat Boy Harley.

My mind is in a whirl, and emotions begin to swirl.

Serenity is gone.

The officer said don’t worry your husband is stable.

Let’s get you off the road while you’re still able.

So many things to do, making calls and plans,

but God saw me through.

Family and friends were by my side,

well wishes and prayers were offered, while a friend and I took a long ride.

I tried to stay strong, but my worry and fear I couldn’t hide.

Serenity is gone.

A body badly bruised, few broken bones and two black eyes.

I’m very thankful and blessed, my husband is alive.

The first month, life was tough,

but then healing started, pain was rough.

Serenity is gone.

The accident gave us a scare, leave the outcome to God, do we dare?

God saw us through, our faith most assuredly brand new.

Where we were hard, we both have softened.

Words aren’t filled with contempt and actions are humble.

Nothing is happenstance, so quit living life in a trance.

We’ve been blessed beyond measure,

relationship with God quite a treasure.

Serenity is restored.