Poet’s Corner: Active. vs. Inactive

Active vs. Inactive


By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

While living in active alcoholism/addiction

is most assuredly hell,

the storms created cause quite a swell.

Walking in at all hours of day or night,

unaccepted actions can provoke quite a fright.

The stomping of feet, and murmuring of words,

slamming of doors, making sure everything is heard.

Making sure everyone knows that they are home.

Don’t bother them; they want to be left alone.

The alcoholic/addict is under the belief,

that the only person hurt is themselves.

Well, this feeling can be put on the shelf.

The inactive person, is the one living

around the disease, not in it.

All the junk that’s involved, they sure get hit.

The walking on eggshells, trying desperately to be quiet,

keeping up the facade, that everything is alright.

But it’s not alright and tempers flare,

then you get the look, as if to say,” Do you dare.”

The active person, doesn’t want help

they believe they’re just fine.

The inactive person does all but yelp,

that help is available, it they’re so inclined.

Either way, with help from the Divine,

everything can work out fine.

If your faith is found wanting,

your grandiosity, should stop flaunting.

Unless asked, God won’t help,

He’ll just listen to you yelp.

Don’t be too proud to accept Him,

life will start looking less grim.