Poet’s Corner: The Life of a Leaf

The Life of a Leaf


By Brent Johnson, Clam Gulch

The life of a leaf

is ever so brief

it spans, maybe half a year.

Yellow might be

pretty to see

if you don’t mind winter, so near.

Whitman was crass

in Leaves of Grass,

an 1855 dandy.

Like Whitman I’m drawn

to a leafy lawn

—sheer nose and eye candy!

In a color mill

of chlorophyll;

leaves are green energy refined.

Sustenance flows

and downward it goes,

trunk, roots and branches entwined.

Farewell to leaves!

though my heart grieves,

I’ll muster courage, if I must.

And may we together

best the weather

until we too, are nothing but dust.