Poet’s Corner: If He Should Bid You Sweet Farewell

If He Should Bid You Sweet Farewell


By Norm Olson

If he should bid you sweet farewell,

And though for one night only that farewell be,

Press firm his hand in yours, for who can tell

How far the road may lead from thee?

Men have been known to step out for but a moment —

Moments that become days, months, and lagging years —

Before they again look into the eyes

Of those they left with tears.

Therefore, if sudden death should come

Or time or distance, hold with pressure true

The hand of him who now might go,

For he is that part of you.

Yes, always find the time to say

Some honest words between the idle talk

Or perhaps with you, both night and day

Regret shall always walk.

And should he go, preserve your heart

That you’ve done nothing wrong.

For though he travels the globe around

He knows where he belongs.

And perhaps some day he will return.

Perhaps he never will.

But be assured he’ll always know

That you keep hoping still.