Poet’s Corner: Mother



By Bonnie Marie Playle, Soldotna

Mother, that woman who has unending hope,

for her children, like none other.

The unseen soul;

how I love and know you so.

Your survival is completely in my hands;

this is the original God plan.

Mom teaches the child everything;

most importantly that if applied;

they can grow up to be anything.

God puts air to the lungs,

sight to the eyes.

Give Him the glory, ARISE.

Being a mother is a gift;

it there’s not gratitude,

there will be a rift.

This blessing and relationship never ends;

deep down you’re always friends.

The love never dies,

if it does you’ll hear the cries.

I’ve never been better, or my love stronger

all because of being a mom.

It’s the best part of me, this the world can see.