Alaskan-made vodka now available on the Peninsula

As an entrant into the ultra premium vodka category, Truuli Peak is authentically American born in the last frontier of Alaska.

Truuli Peak Vodka is named after the highest elevation in the Kenai Mountain range, situated just outside of Anchorage. Rising at 6,612 feet above sea level, Truuli Peak is a majestic summit within the pristine Alaskan environment.

Made from 100% Alaskan ingredients, Truuli Peak Vodka consists of 95% Delta Barley, 5% wildflower honey, with pure Alaskan glacial water at is core.

"We are very excited to have Truuli Peak become an all-American reality" stated Managing Partner Kyle T. Ryan. "We are proudly Alaskan, selecting our ingredients with the greatest care. We walk the fields where our barley is grown, we work with our beekeeper to handpick the wildflower honey, and in our estimation, utilize the most exceptional water on earth in our production. We look forward to introducing Truuli Peak Vodka as an Alaskan Ambassador to trade and consumers in markets throughout the United States."

Bare Distillery co-founders Kyle Ryan and Jeremy Loyer met in 2006 while working at Glacier Brewhouse in Anchorage, Alaska and before long started forming the idea of Alaska's first high-end, locally sourced vodka. After a few year hiatus, Jeremy returned to Alaska in 2008 and the team's collective goal began to take shape. They wanted to create a vodka brand that was not only made of hte best local ingredients, but also something that all Alaskans could be proud of. Truuli Peak Vodka was the actualization of this dream. Using only water from the Eklutna Glacier, Truuli is distilled from 95% barley and 5% raw wildflower honey giving the finished product a light floral bouquet with a silky smooth finish. Truuli was released on October 16th at Alyeska Resort's Seven Glaciers Restaurant and began distributing through Southern-Odom Spirits West in January of 2012.

Truuli Peak Vodka is now available in liquor stores and drinking establishments on the Kenai Peninsula. Locations include The Back Door, Hooligans, The Upper Deck, Mykel's, Red Diamond Liquor Barn, Save-U-More, and Country Liquor.

Bare Distillery


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