At first glance, if you don’t already own a wood pellet-fueled grill, or do not plan to purchase one, you might think that a barbecue book devoted to information and recipes on wood pellet grilling would be of no interest to you. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth, as Bob Devon’s “The Complete Wood Pellet Barbeque Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide and Recipe Book for Wood Pellet Grills” is so full of marvelously practical recipes that it could easily become one of your favorite cookbooks. Unfortunately, I live in an area where outdoor grilling is not permitted, so I’m always on the hunt for recipes that will allow me to create “outdoor” flavor on “indoor” equipment. Devon’s cookbook, published by Square One Publishers, does that and does it extraordinarily well. Since pulled pork originated in the Carolinas, I decided to see what I could accomplish with Devon’s recipe for Pulled Pork, using pre-soaked hickory pellets and my kitchen oven as a “smoker.” The results were remarkable, evidenced by smoky-flavored fall-off-the bone tender meat, seasoned perfectly with spicy pork rub and thick and flavorful barbecue sauce made from Devon’s spot-on-perfect recipes. I even “smoked” a blueberry cobbler – this time with apple pellets. (See Kitchen Ade tips on how to use a conventional oven as a wood-pellet smoker, below.) Skill and experience have made Devon a barbecue master and his book is about as masterful as they come. With the weather getting warmer and National Barbecue Month coming in May, I encourage you to check out Devon’s cookbook. For further information about the cookbook, including where to purchase links, visit

Sue Ade is a syndicated food columnist with broad experience and interests in the culinary arts. She has resided and worked in the lowcountry of South Carolina since 1985 and may be reached at