In the fall, after attaining their deep crimson color, cranberries, which grow on long-running vines in soft, marshy areas known as “bogs,” are harvested. The vast majority of cranberries are wet harvested, after the beds are flooded with water, for processing in a wide array of products such as juices, sauces, relishes and more. But, it’s dry harvested cranberries that we find in the supermarket this time of year, dry harvested because that’s the way companies like Ocean Spray, Inc. say is “the best way to get the absolute freshest berries.” Fresh cranberries will not be available for long, only through December, but they freeze well and will keep for up to a year, so be sure to buy an extra supply. Cranberries are an absolute must for upcoming holiday meals, whether you plan to serve turkey, or live in a place where moose is easy to obtain. The recipe here for Moose Tournedos with Kale Salad and Cowberry (or cranberry) Compote comes from “The Scandinavian Cookbook,” by Trina Hahnemann, who wrote, “If you can’t buy moose, venison is a good substitute.” The moose looks really good and so does the way it’s prepared, so I’m going to be sure a friend who lives in Alaska (and gets can all the moose she wants) sees this recipe because she “loves moose, if it is cooked the right way.” The other recipes featured come from the good folks at Ocean Spray, which was formed in 1930 by “three cranberry growers with a simple love of cranberries.” For more recipes using cranberries and for a fascinating look at how cranberries are harvested, visit the Ocean Spray website at Further information on “The Scandinavian Cookbook,” including how to purchase, may be found at the publisher’s website at Additional recipes from this title, for Christmas Donuts and glögg are coming next week. You’ll not to want miss them, I promise.

Sue Ade is a syndicated food writer with broad experience and interest in the culinary arts. She has worked and resided in the Lowcountry of South Carolina since 1985 and may be reached at


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