Ann 'Grannie Annie' Berg

Pioneer Potluck: About my mom's birthdays

Born December 19, 1915, near Fort Collins, Colorado

Died Feb. 3, 1999, Colorado Springs, Colorado


As you can see, our mother spent most of... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About Christmas Trees

From the Colorado farm to the Alaskan way of life

We have had various types of Christmas trees through the years. Colorado trees are full... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: Different styles of fixing, serving food

The continued stories of holidays and the differences between Northern and Southern style of fixing and serving food. Thank you everyone for your comments.

This... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About Olden Days on Farm Cookstoves

I had many comments of the old cook stove that sat in the corner of the old farm house kitchen. In the case of southern... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About cookin' on a woodstove and the improvements in my 79 years

1937 TO 2016

Cooking on a woodstove is an art you have to learn. You already have the free heat from the stove that keeps... Read more

Pioneer Potluck: About Trick or Treating

On a farm in Northern Colorado

1937 to 1955

and in North Kenai, Alaska


I always smile when I think of Halloween and the... Read more

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