Bill Lowe

Poet's Corner: My Protocol

My Protocol

By Bill Lowe, Sterling

Each year in May,

our military we observe.

Thank you for giving;

your willingness to serve.

The rewards you receive

are far less than you... Read more

Poet's Corner: This Could Be the Year

This Could Be the Year

By Bill Lowe, Sterling

This could be the year; what’s in store for you?

Do you have an agenda you would love to do,

or are... Read more

Poet's Corner: A Shield of Protection

A Shield of Protection

By Bill Lowe, Sterling

Lord, watch over our police force; keep them out of harm’s way.

Put a shield of protection from evil around... Read more

Poem: A Raging Storm's Approaching

A Raging Storm’s Approaching

(Good Bye America) 

By Bill Lowe, Sterling

There’s a raging storm approaching;

the assault’s most everywhere.

In public places, we’ve been warned,

“Don’t talk to God in... Read more

Poem: Every Hour

Every Hour

By Bill Lowe, Sterling


He is with me in the morning;

through every hour of daylight,

and holds me when it’s dark outside.

He’s close beside me every... Read more

Poem: Where's Our Winter?

Where’s Our Winter?

By Bill Lowe, Sterling

Is winter not here yet or did it already come and pass?

I know it’s too soon to be thinking ‘bout... Read more

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